The Association was created by an international team of like-minded people. It includes people with experience in such fields of activity as business, politics, medicine, education, IT, working and educated in different countries of the world. Part of the team took an active part in the 2020 election campaign in Belarus.
  • Our goal is to support democracy and the development of civil society in Belarus. We will take an active part in building a new independent state, applying the best world experience in all spheres of activity and all structures of the state. We accumulate resources with international support and invest them in various projects aimed at creating a Belarus of the future, where all segments of the population will feel comfortable and equally protected, where the law will be the same for everyone and all social benefits are available to everyone.
  • Thanks to the constant monitoring of the situation in Belarus, we have prompt and reliable information about the state of affairs in the country. We are in contact with non-governmental organizations, medical institutions and members of initiative groups of presidential candidates in the past elections, which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of events and timely determine areas and activities that require our direct participation. It also allows to accurately determine for what purposes to seek and distribute funds.


 By doing something good every day, helping those in need, we make our world a little better, a little kinder and happier. And the feeling of belonging to great happiness is dearer than anything else in the world. 
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